XRCS Paintball Tournament Jersey (black/lime)

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Product description

The new XRCS paintball jerseys offer high quality and an attractive design at an absolute top price. If you are looking for an inexpensive team jersey, or are simply looking for a cheap training jersey, then XRCS is the right place for you.

The new training jerseys have a sporty cut and, thanks to the minimalist design, also offer the option of adding additional logos and graphics. For example, you can expand the jersey with the logo of your own team or the team sponsors and get a great team jersey at a low price.

In the course of the ever-increasing UltraLite trend, this jersey was also dispensed with any superfluous padding. Like other top manufacturers, XRCS also offers a simple but solid jersey in the basic version that leaves practically nothing to be desired. The player can wear the desired padding (in the form of breastplate or similar) as protective equipment under the jersey.

The XRCS is available in 5 color variants and in sizes S to 3XL.

Product details of the XRCS Paintball Training Jersey:

- High quality jersey material

- modern, attractive design

- Lots of free space to apply team logos and brand logos

- Great base for a team jersey

- No padding (UltraLite version)

- Available sizes S to 3XL (please choose!)

- Colour: black/ lime

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