DELTA SIX Spec-Ops Tactical Jersey / Combat Shirt 2.0 (Urban Brown-Grey Camo)

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Product description

The Spec-Ops paintball / airsoft jerseys are made of very light but durable material. The chest and back area consists of a thinner, elastic and breathable material and thus offers optimal wearing comfort and a lot of freedom of movement.

The collar, as well as the shoulders and sleeves are made of the same sturdy material that the Spec-Ops pants are made of. This material is also fiber-reinforced and therefore extremely resilient. Additional protection and stability are also provided by paddings in the shoulder and forearm area.

In contrast to many other jerseys in the paintball sector, this model deliberately dispensed with thick padding in the chest area to guarantee more freedom of movement and to make wearing vests, battlepacks, etc. as comfortable as possible without annoying padding.

This special construction makes the jersey more flexible and much more comfortable to wear, giving it an advantage over comparable scenario jerseys

Features of the Spec-Ops Tactical Jersey:

- Very light, elastic and breathable fabric in the chest and back area

- Very hard-wearing, fiber-reinforced fabric in the neck, shoulders and arms

- Padding in the area of the shoulders and forearms

- Zip in the Windbraker principle that allows the neckline to be opened up to the chest

- Large Velcro areas on both sleeves for attaching team logos, patches & badges

- Gutter, integrated zippered pockets below Velcro panels in both sleeves

- The wrist area of the jersey can be adjusted with Velcro, e.g. to adapt to gloves etc.

- Very light and durable fabric

- The jersey has a slim-fit V-cut, which means it is slightly narrower in the hip area than in the shoulder area. As a result, the jersey does not swell uncomfortably like other comparable tactical jerseys and jackets.