XRCS Paintball Chest Armor / Upper Body Armor (Blue)

XRCS_Paintball_Brustpanzer_Chestprotector_Spielfeldzubehoer_blau_front XRCS_Paintball_Brustpanzer_Spielfeld_Verleihausruestung_blau XRCS_Paintball_Brustpanzer_Spielfeld_Verleihausruestung_blau XRCS_Paintball_Brustpanzer_Spielfeld_Verleihausruestung_blau
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Product description

The XRCS brand produces high-quality paintball clothing at a fair price level. The XRCS paintball chest armor was specially made for use on paintball fields. They offer optimal protection in the chest and back area and are also made of hard-wearing, durable material.

The breastplate is held in position by 2 elastic straps on the shoulders and can be individually adjusted in size in the abdominal area via 2 additional straps with Velcro. The breastplate can also be turned. One side is always black, the other is available in 5 color variants: black, green, red, blue and pink. This allows you to color code your team.

The large selection of colors for the XRCS products is particularly interesting. The manufacturer has thought about it and offers its breastplates in 5 color variants. There is something for every taste. As the first supplier on the market, these breastplates are also available in pink. This makes it particularly interesting for field operators who want to provide special offers for the ladies. - A free breastplate for women is part of the basic equipment on most paintball fields.

Of course, what works on the paintball field also works in the hobby area. So you can also wear this breastplate as a self-supplier and supplement your protective equipment inexpensively.

Product details of the XRCS paintball breastplate (blue):

- Universal size / one size

- Adjustable waist width with Velcro

- Reversible and wearable from both sides (double Velcro)

- Wide range of colors (5 colors available)

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