High-quality paintball field clothing for your company

We offer you a large selection of high-quality paintball clothing products for the operation of your paintball facility . Since most paintball fields have a high number of visitors, the rental equipment is not only used there often, but also heavily used by countless players every day. Here the motto clearly applies: if you buy cheap, you end up buying twice. For this reason, we have decided to only include high-quality, but still attractively priced products in our range. As a paintball field operator, you can benefit from our many years of experience in this area and our favorable purchasing conditions.

All this is your competitive advantage. High quality, well thought-out products and immediate availability with short delivery routes complete the offer.

Large selection for Paintball Spieldelder - clothing in all colors!

We have made the experience that most paintball players who are guests on a field not only want to spend a great day, but that the "we feeling" and the team are the focus. Due to our large selection of colors for the XRCS paintball field products, you as the field operator now have the opportunity to divide the customer into correct teams that can be clearly distinguished in color and also appeal to the players visually. With a total of five color variants, there is something for every taste. Give the equipment on your facility that extra something and a little more color and you will see that the customers will gratefully accept it.

XRCS - The brand for the modern paintball field operator

We are often asked which products you should buy as a field operator when it comes to opening a paintball field . We have a clear opinion here. -Quality should definitely come before price . The equipment that a paintball field operator lends to its customers is sometimes reused hundreds of times. In the end, one or two euros in the purchase price does not matter, because these only add up to a few cents more on the one-off loan from the customer. But if the product lasts twice as long, you have even saved money in the end, or you have earned even more money by investing in a higher-quality product. That was exactly the approach to the XRCS brand . The products should not only be individual, fresh and have a wide range of colors, but also convince in terms of durability and quality when used on the field. For this reason, we always recommend this brand to our field customers when it comes to high-quality clothing for paintball fields .