GelBlaster GLOW IN THE DARK Tracer Soft Gel Balls (5000 pieces)

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GelBlaster GLOW IN THE DARK Tracer Soft Gel Balls (5000 pieces)

Take the yellow blaster experience to a whole new level with GLOW IN THE DARK blaster ammo! The Glow in the Dark ammunition can be charged in daylight or indoor lighting or for best results in conjunction with Tracer Units and UV lights for maximum tracer effects! Like other blaster ammo, simply soak the bullets in water for at least 2-3 hours before use, then dump off the excess water. The eco-friendly hydrogel breaks down and evaporates after use without staining and is non-toxic! 5000 pieces per package.

GelBlaster balls are delivered as so-called granules. These are approx. 1mm small balls. These are not only very light, but also space-saving. If you want to use the balls, you have to put them in water for 2-3 hours before use. The balls absorb the water and then reach their actual size of around 8mm. Then they are ready to be fired with the Valken GelBlaster SURGE and other GelBlaster models.

The balls are soft and self-lubricating due to their gel-like consistency. They slide optimally through the GelBlaster and can be fired without problems.

When hitting a hard target, the GelBlaster bullets burst into small pieces. These then dry out slowly afterwards. Since the bullet, as already mentioned, consists of around 99% pure water, the GelBlaster bullets leave no residue on clothing, equipment or the environment. This means that GelBlaster can also be played in the front yard at home without any problems.

Supplied in a shrink-wrapped bag containing 5000 gel balls. - Please choose color.

This is how you prepare the GelBlaster bullets for use:

1. Take a bucket (5-10L volume is enough here)

2. Fill the bucket about halfway with water

3. Fill the GelBlaster balls into the bucket (we recommend approx. 1/3 bag content)

4. Let the balls soak in the water for 2-3 hours (don't worry, nothing will happen if you leave them in there a little longer)

5. After 2-3 hours, pour off the excess water. The finished gel balls remain

6. Fill the gel balls into the hopper of your GelBlaster

7. Here we go... Have fun. 🙂

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