GelBlaster GLOW IN THE DARK magazine adapter for Tracer soft gel bullets (black)

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With the new GLOW IN THE DARK magazine adapter, you can turn any normal GelBlaster into a cool Glow in the Dark GelBlaster for exciting games at dusk and in the dark.

The adapter is simply placed on top of the GelBlaster instead of the normal magazine adapter. The glow in the dark magazine adapter contains all the technology, including the UV light source and battery. Recharging is easy with the supplied USB charging cable. So that you can get started right away, 1,000 shots of Glow in the Dark GelBlaster balls are included in the scope of delivery.

Get started now and play with cool nighttime tracer effects. This turns the GelBlaster into a "laser cannon" for even more fun.

Scope of delivery of the GelBlaster GLOW IN THE DARK Magazine Adapter:

1x GelBlaster magazine adapter with integrated UV light module and battery

1x charging cable (USB)

1x bag with 1000 rounds of Glow in the Dark GelBlaster ammunition

This is how you prepare the GelBlaster bullets for use:

1. Take a bucket (5-10L volume is enough here)

2. Fill the bucket about halfway with water

3. Fill the GelBlaster balls into the bucket (we recommend approx. 1/3 bag content)

4. Let the balls soak in the water for 2-3 hours (don't worry, nothing will happen if you leave them in there a little longer)

5. After 2-3 hours, pour off the excess water. The finished gel balls remain

6. Fill the gel balls into the hopper of your GelBlaster

7. Here we go... Have fun. 🙂

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