Virtue Universal Pro Pad for paintball masks (black)

Virtue_Universal_Pro_Pad_f-r_Paintball_Masken_schwarz Virtue_Universal_Pro_Pad_für_Paintball_Masken_schwarz_back Virtue_Universal_Pro_Pad_für_Paintball_Masken_schwarz_back Virtue_Universal_Pro_Pad_für_Paintball_Masken_schwarz_back
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Product description

Virtue Universal Pro Pad for paintball masks

The 3D Foam Molded Virtue Pro Pad can upgrade any paintball mask by making it even more comfortable with padded protection on the back of the head and thus sitting even more securely on the head. The Pro Pad reduces pressure on the head and eyes while keeping the mask in place more securely, whether or not other headgear is worn.


- Fits all masks

- High wearing comfort even for hours

- Better fit when using other headgear with the mask

- Extra protection at the back of the head

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