DSG Paintball microfibre cloth / mask cloth 30x30cm pink/purple

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Product description

Dynamic Sports Gear microfiber cloth for cleaning paintball mask glasses. The microfibre surface of the cloth absorbs paint, dirt and moisture quickly and reliably and ensures a clear, streak-free view within a few seconds.

No other cleaners are required for the mask glass. An indispensable accessory that you should always have with you in your paintball pants on and off the field.

Application in case of a hit on the mask glass:

1. Wipe away the rough hit with the sleeve or jersey.

2. Wipe outwards over the glass with the microfibre cloth in circular movements and thus remove the remaining paint

3. If necessary, turn the cloth over again and briefly polish it.

Done, streak-free view!

Product Details:


Size: 30x30 cm, optimal size for the bag

Color may vary slightly.

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