Valken Bravo Full Finger Paintball Gloves (olive)

Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_oliv Valken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_specValken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_cover Valken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_spec Valken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_cover Valken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_spec Valken_Bravo_Full_Finger_Paintball_Handschuhe_cover
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Product description

Valken Bravo full finger paintball gloves

The Valken Bravo paintball glove is particularly comfortable to wear and was specially made for the price-conscious player in the entry-level segment. The glove is a solid all-round model that meets all requirements in this price range and is comfortable to wear.

Features of the JT Tournament Paintball Glove:

- Reinforced trigger finger

- Tactically appropriate color

- Breathable fabric

- Neoprene wrist closure

- Synthetic palm

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