Valken Zulu Tactical Paintball Gloves (Desert / Tan)

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Product description

The Valken Zulu Tactical Gloves impress with their design, workmanship and quality. They offer optimal protection in every game situation and are very comfortable to wear.

Even in rough terrain, this paintball tactical glove does not reach its limits so quickly. Several layers of padding material are applied to the inside of the hand, which provide optimal protection against sharp stones and rough ground. The knuckles are provided with a stable protective shell on the top, so a hit on the back of the hand doesn't really hurt anymore.

A very good all-round glove for all tactical & scenario paintballers.

Features of the Valken Zulu Tactical Gloves:

- Stable, breathable material

- Rubberized palms for optimal grip

- Hardcover padding on the knuckles

- 4-way stretch material for optimal freedom of movement

- Velcro wrist closure