Tasmanian Tiger / TT Bungee Cord Set

Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Bungee_Cord_Set Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Bungee_Cord_Set_black Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Bungee_Cord_Set_coyote Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Bungee_Cord_Set_oliv
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger / TT Bungee Cord Set

Fastening set for individual assembly and as a replacement. Consisting of 6 meters of bungee cord, 4 Hypalon magazine locks and 6 cord stoppers.


- Including 6 m bungee cord (Please choose color!)

- Includes 4 Hypalon magazine catches

- Includes 6 cord stoppers

- Weight: 85 g (set)

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