Tasmanian Tiger / TT 2 SGL Mag Pouch BEL M4 MKII

Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII 7108394a-1200x1200 7108394b-1200x1200 Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_oliv_ Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_black_back Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_black Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_tan Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_tan_back Tasmanian_Tiger_2_SGL_Mag_Pouch_BEL_M4_MKII_oliv_back 7108394a-1200x1200 7108394b-1200x1200
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger 2 SGL Mag Pouch BEL M4 MKII

Short magazine pouch for holding two M4 magazines (side by side), secured with bungee cord.


- Elastic cord closure

- Dimensionally stable thanks to a thin plastic insert

- To be used for M4 magazines, AR15, STG etc.

- MOLLE reverse system

- Front and sides with MOLLE system for the optional attachment of additional pockets

- Requires four MOLLE loops

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