SwissEye NIGHTHAWK PRO Airsoft goggles (Laser 694/830–860/1064/green)

SwissEye_NIGHTHAWK_PRO_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_laser_green-jpg SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_fuer_Brillenglaeser SwissEye_RX_Clip_Adapter_Blackhawk_Defense_Nighthawk_Raptor_Brillen
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Product description

General information:

-lightweight safety glasses with soft temples

-due to the flat temples, ideal for wearing earmuffs

-adjustable, new nose area

-Polycarbonate lens with antifog/antiscratch coating according to EN 166 FTNK

-100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection up to 400 nm (nanometers)

-Removable RX clip adapter for corrective lenses (optional)

-Case, headband and microfiber bag included

The laser disc 694/830–860/1064 offers protection in a wide spectrum of laser wavelengths DIR 694 LB4 / DIR 830–860 LB3 /DIR 1064 LB4.

Scope of delivery of the SwissEye NIGHTHAWK PRO airsoft goggles:

- SwissEye NIGHTHAWK PRO Airsoft goggles

- Supplied with a laser disc 694/830–860/1064

- Case, headband and microfiber bag

- RX clip adapter for prescription lenses can be optionally retrofitted ( not included!)

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