DELTA SIX Airsoft Face Mesh Mask w. Earflaps / Grid Mask (GHOST)

DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_ DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_schwarz_GHOST DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_GHOST_schwarz_side DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_GHOST_oliv DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_GHOST_oliv_side DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_GHOST_Tan DELTA_SIX_Airsoft_HalfFace_Mesh_Maske_GHOST_Tan_side _0149_POLSTER_FACEMASKS
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Product description

DELTA SIX Airsoft Face Mesh Mask / Grid Mask (GHOST)

Sturdy mesh in the mouth area with fabric sides for comfort. In addition, the mask has grids to protect the ears on both sides. Thanks to its stable workmanship, this mouthguard offers optimal protection against incoming bullets. 2 elastic straps hold the mask firmly in place and ensure a comfortable fit.

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