PowAir Tactical Line RS 0.23L / 15ci Paintball HP Bottle 300 Bar (single)

PowAir_Tactical_Line_RS_0_23L_15ci_Paintball_HP_Flasche_einzeln-jpg Powair_Tactical_Line_RS_300_Bar_Stahlflasche_Paintball_HPA_Flasche_Abmessungen.jpg PowAir_Tactical_Line_RS_0_23L_15ci_Paintball_HP_System_300_Bar_deiff.jpg
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Product description

The brand new PowAir Tactical Line RS 300 Bar / 4500 PSI HP bottle is 100% Made in Germany. The RS in the model name stands for REAL STEEL, because this new model is made from high-strength aircraft steel.

It is just as small as the normal PowAir Basic Series 0.2 liter HP bottles, but offers more volume and more filling pressure.

This model is currently the most compact 300 bar MagFed HP bottle with a filling volume of 0.23 liters / 15ci in the world. It is the perfect mix of an inexpensive metal bottle and a high-quality 300 bar system.

For the first time, PowAir is now offering a compact 300 bar metal bottle that also has an increased filling volume with the same dimensions as other bottles on the market. All of this at an unbeatably low price.

This bottle is compatible with all standard 300 bar / 4500 PSI paintball HP regulators.

Product details:

- Length: 18.5cm

- Diameter: 50mm

- Weight: approx. 460g

- Volume: 0.23 liters / 15ci

- Filling pressure: 300 bar / 4500 PSI

- Burst pressure 450 bar / 6750 PSI

- Test cycle: 10 years

- Lifespan: unlimited

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