Armotech 1.1 liter (300 bar) HP bottle (800 grams!)

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Product description

Armotech HP bottles are among the lightest HP bottles on the market. At just 800 grams, the 1.1 liter version of this bottle already weighs less than all comparable 1.1 liter composite bottles and is only as big as a 0.8 liter bottle.

All Armotech bottles not only have the European PI approval, the German Tüv also certifies the safety of the lightweight. The bursting pressure of the bottle is 1000 bar, which means that the Armotech bottle is well above the requirements. Especially with HP bottles used in sports, safety is the most important property. The bottle cannot shatter or explode if the bursting pressure is exceeded because the bottle is designed to rupture in a controlled manner, allowing the pressure to escape. The stainless steel inliner makes this high stability possible and also prevents corrosion in any environment. Thanks to the patented design and the new manufacturing process, we can offer you this high quality and give bottles with the registered EN number 13341 a lifetime of 10 years.

The ideal combination of large volume and low weight.

Armotech bottles are the only bottles on the market that have a high-quality stainless steel core, which makes it possible to make the bottles lighter and yet more durable.


Width: 110mm

Height: 190mm

Circumference: 350mm

Alternatively, a Dye/Armotech Core 1.1l 300Bar HP bottle will be shipped.

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