Lapco EMF100 BigShot Assault Rifled Paintball Precision Barrel (8") - Cocker

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Product description

Lapco EMF100 BigShot Assault Paintball Precision Barrel (8") - Cocker

Lapco BigShot Assault barrels are among the best and most accurate in paintball. The Lapco company is based in Los Angeles, USA and also manufactures right there. In other words, all barrels and Lapco products are 100% Made in the USA. This is also noticeable in terms of quality and workmanship.

The BigShot barrels have a smooth inner surface and, apart from the small end piece, no holes. This makes them very effective and accurate as almost no air is wasted.

Features of the Lapco BigShot Assault paintball barrels:

- .686, .683 bore/barrel diameter

- Run with squares and trains

- Suitable for all types of Cal. 68 Paintballs and First Strike Paintballs

- Cocker thread (DYE DAM, Planet Eclipse EMF100 (MG100))

- 8" overall length, made from one piece (incl. thread protection cap)

- high quality aluminum alloy

- high-quality workmanship, made in the USA

- very efficient and accurate in the shot pattern

- Same performance in warm and cold temperatures

- Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty from Lapco USA

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