First Strike T8.1 / T9.1 Rifled Barrel Paintball barrel with front thread (9"), .683

Lapco_Tiberius_Arms_T8_T9_First_Strike_9_Zoll_Rifled_Barrel-1 Lapco_Tiberius_Arms_T8_T9_First_Strike_9_Zoll_Rifled_Barrel2Lapco_Tiberius_Arms_T8_T9_First_Strike_9_Zoll_Rifled_Barrel_details Lapco_Tiberius_Arms_T8_T9_First_Strike_9_Zoll_Rifled_Barrel2 Lapco_Tiberius_Arms_T8_T9_First_Strike_9_Zoll_Rifled_Barrel_details
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Product description

Short precision barrel with grooves and fields, suitable for the Tiberius Arms / First Strike paintball marker models T8.1 and T9.1 with a bayonet lock on the barrel.

This barrel was manufactured in cooperation with the renowned manufacturer Lapco (Los Angeles Paintball Company) USA and is one of the most accurate Tiberius Arms barrels on the market.

Thanks to the existing front thread, accessories such as muzzle brakes and silencers can be mounted.

Total length 9 inches.

Bore .683 FSR