First Strike FSC Master Insert Freak Barrel (.684)

First_Strike_FSC_Master_Insert_Freak_Lauf_684-1 First_Strike_FSC_Master_Insert_Freak_Lauf_684_complete First_Strike_FSC_Master_Insert_Freak_Lauf_684_complete
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First Strike FSC Master Insert Freak Barrel (.684)

With the Freak Master Insert barrel from First Strike you can equip your FSC barrel with Freak sleeves and thus adapt it exactly to the paint you are playing. A case in .684, which is also perfect for First Strike projectiles, is included in the set. The sleeves can be pushed quickly and easily from the front into the back. A thread protector for the muzzle thread of the back is included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, another muzzle or a silencer with a suitable thread can be attached here.

Not suitable for Freak XL!

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