Exalt Supreme Swab Paintball Barrel Cleaner (Custom Colors)

Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_Colors Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_Colors_magam Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_Colors_subzero Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_Colors_toxic Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_Colors_grau Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_regal Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_rot_grau Exalt_Supreme_Swab_Paintball_Laufreiniger_Custom_schwarz_gold
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Product description

The new Exalt Supreme Swabs are currently the highest quality and most durable barrel cleaners on the market. Many players already know the components of the included cleaning brush from the Exalt Barrelmaid barrel cleaner. For all those who prefer to go to the field with the good old Swab, Exalt has finally created a remedy.

Available in several colors, please select.

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