Virtue Silicone Barrel Cover / Running Sock

Virtue_Silicone_Barrel_Cover_Laufsocke-4 Virtue_barrelCover_black_cord_1024x1024.jpgVirtue_barrelCover_cyan_cord_1024x1024.jpgVirtue_barrelCover_red_cord_1024x1024.jpg Virtue_barrelCover_black_cord_1024x1024.jpg Virtue_barrelCover_cyan_cord_1024x1024.jpg Virtue_barrelCover_red_cord_1024x1024.jpg
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Product description

The Virtue Silicone Barrel Cover are one of the most robust and durable running socks in paintball. Durasoft material construction is imperceptible in the pocket while playing. Tested with over 500 consecutive shots to ensure off-field safety.


- " DURASOFT" material

- Fast cleaning

- One-handed use

- Tested with over 500 shots

- 3 different colors (please choose)

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