DELTA SIX V1 Airsoft goggles (olive, 3 lenses)

Delta_Six_V1_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_oliv_details Delta_Six_V1_Airsoft_Schutzbrille_oliv
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Product description

Airsoft goggles from the brand DELTA SIX, version V1 with 3 lenses in the colors clear, smoke and yellow.

The lenses can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the flexible frame of the safety glasses.

An inexpensive but very solid airsoft protective mask that not only lasts a long time thanks to its 3 glasses, but also offers a lot of variation.

Use of the different lens colors:

CLEAR = all-weather lens, normal, clear vision, best suited for indoor use.

SMOKE = sunglass effect. Suitable for strong sunshine

YELLOW = contrast enhancing lens. Filters blue components out of the light and makes contours appear sharper

Product details of the DELTA SIX V1 Airsoft goggles:

- Ballistic goggles for airsoft games

- Optimum protection for the eyes

- Delivery incl. 3 glasses (clear, smoke, yellow)

- Adjustable strap for optimal comfort

- UV400 protection

- Weight 216g

- Universal size

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