Delta Six Tactical Top Frog Suit / Combat Shirt V3 with Protectors (Coyote / Desert Tan)

Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_front-1 Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_hinten Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_Schulter_links Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_Schulter_rechts Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads3 Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads1 Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads2 Delta_Six_Produktverpackung_schwarz Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads2 Delta_Six_Produktverpackung_schwarz Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads3 Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_Schulter_rechtsDelta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_Schulter_linksDelta_Six_Combat_Shirt_V3_Elbowpads1Delta_Six_Combat_Shirt_Frog_Suit_v3_Oberteil_Coyote_Desert_Tan_hinten Groessentabelle_Delta_Six_V3_Combat_Shirt
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Product description

Tactical top, model Combat Shirt from the brand DELTA SIX in the V3 version (3rd generation). These tops are some of the newest and most modern available on the market. The fibre-reinforced fabric withstands maximum loads and is still comfortable to wear thanks to flexible stretch zones and offers optimal freedom of movement in every situation.

The combat pants and jerseys are also referred to as so-called frog suits. This name comes from the military use of this clothing.

These tops are ideal for all outdoor activities such as airsoft, paintball and comparable off-road sports.

The upper part has wide, inserted elbow pads made of stable foam material with a hard shell cover. If desired, these can be removed in just a few simple steps. - For those who are looking for a light top. With integrated pads, this top offers maximum protection. The outer protectors are made of solid plastic material, even rough walls or small pieces of broken glass cannot get through here.

The Combat Shirt V3 is available in sizes S to 3XL. - Please select the right size before purchasing and also refer to the size chart in the item description.

Product details of the DELTA SIX Frog Suit Combat Shirts V3:

- Fiber reinforced fabric (tant pattern)

- elastic cotton fabric in the chest area (one color)

- Breathable for maximum ventilation

- Chest zip for extra ventilation

- Pleasant wearing comfort

- Integrated foam elbow pads with hard shell (removable!)

- Available in sizes S to 3XL (see size chart)

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