XRCS Paintball Tactical Battlepack 4+1 (Woodland Camo)

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Product description

XRCS Paintball Battlepack in the 4 + 1 variant for tactical players. This Battlepack not only offers enough space for 4x 140 speed loaders, but also has an additional pocket for an HP system (up to 1.7 liters).

The HP system is securely held in place with two Velcro loops and cannot fall out, even with hectic movements in the forest.

The 4 pod pockets are secured with Velcro and keep the pots firmly in place.

Thanks to the wide Velcro strap, the pack is comfortable to wear and cannot slip even with faster movements.

Details of the 4+1 Tactical Battlepack:

- Capacity 4x 140 Speedloader

- Also holds 1x HP system up to 1.7 liters (diameter 150mm)

- Wide Velcro strap

- Sturdy, well-secured pockets. - Nothing falls out here!

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