XRCS Paintball 4 Pod Battlepack (Desert Tan)

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Product description

XRCS Paintball Battlepack with a capacity of 4x 140 Speedloader (suitable for all common Speedloader Moelle).

The pod loops are secured with a Velcro fastener to prevent the pots from accidentally falling out. Crossed, elastic straps are located at the top of the pot pockets, which ensure that the speed loader can be pulled out more quickly. Due to the crossed arrangement, they can no longer slip off the pod and work safely in every game situation.

The wide, very hard-wearing Velcro belt ensures that it is comfortable to wear and prevents the pack from slipping when moving quickly or when running.

Product details of the 4 Pod Pro Battlepack:

- very light design

- Holds 4x 140 pots

- Wide Velcro strap for optimal comfort

- Quick charge tabs with elastic band

Delivery without pots.