X-Power M18 Claymore Simulation Mine (Infrared / Trip-Wire)

Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_front Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_befuellen Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_Funkausloeser_offen Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_details Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_befuellen Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_front Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_mit_Infrarot_Sensor_details Airsoft_Softair_Claymore_Remote_Mine_Funkausloeser_offen
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Product description

X-Power M18 Claymore mine for use in airsoft games, paintball, or in training for the police, military or security services.

This model is currently the most advanced Claymore training mine in the world. It is optionally filled with Airsoft BB's, paintballs or powder. It can be triggered in 2 different ways. Either by motion detector (when a person moves within the triggering radius in front of the mine) or by tripping advice (when someone moves into the tripping hazard).

This means that this claymore mine can be used very individually and almost every scenario can be simulated and played through.

MOTION DETECTOR Triggering - The mine has a motion sensor. This triggers the mine as soon as a moving target appears in front of the mine.

TRIP WIRE release - The mine can also be triggered manually with a trip wire. A string/wire is simply attached to the mine's trigger and stretched in the target area (across a path or in a door frame). If someone runs into the cord or pulls on it, the mine is triggered.

Scope of delivery of the X-Power Claymore Mine:

1x X-Power M18 Claymore lead

1x battery with charger

Can vary slightly in appearance, depending on the supplier.

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