Trapper Kit / Trapper Set for Paintball & Airsoft Grenades (6 pieces)

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With the trapper kit / trapper set, you can use normal paintball and airsoft grenades from Taginn to build effective terrain traps in no time at all to mine the enemy team's paths, secure entrances or keep your back free in the position.

The trapper kit / trapper set contains all the components you need to set up up to 6 traps.

Build paintball & airsoft booby traps yourself

The preparation is very simple. Attach the Taginn grenade of your choice to one of the rods from the Trapper Kit with the supplied cable tie and attach the supplied cord to the ring of the Taginn grenade. If you wish, you can attach the other end of the cord to a second rod from the set. The preparations are now complete.

On the playing field, you first look for a suitable spot in the terrain where you want to place your trap. Paths, narrow passages, passages or the like are recommended here. The trap should be placed in such a way that the opponent has to run straight through the trigger cord.

First, use the stick to stick the grenade firmly into the ground at the desired location. Then stretch the cord (maximum 5 meters in length) in the area that the opponent is likely to pass. The end of the cord can either be connected to another pole from the Trapper Kit, which is also stuck into the ground, or it can also be attached to trees, branches, door frames or the like.

In the last step, pull the grenade's safety pin out of the grenade to a few millimeters, so that a slight pull on the cord is enough to finally loosen the pin. Be very careful with this (!), because the Taginn grenade triggers immediately after removing the pin and explodes a few seconds later. Once the grenade has been triggered, it cannot be undone!

To make your trap even more effective, you can camouflage the grenade with moss, foliage or leaves. Then it will definitely be a nasty surprise for the opponent.

This is what the trapper kit / trapper set for Taginn grenades can do:

- Simple construction and quick installation of traps in the field

- Build your own booby traps (with grenades) and signal traps (with smoke bombs)

- Reusable material

- Function and installation see pictures and videos

Scope of delivery of the trapper kit / trapper set:

6x rubberized metal rod (olive green), reusable

6x cable ties (olive green) for attaching the grenades

6x nylon cord as a tripwire (each piece 5m long)

Image similar, may vary slightly.

The trapper kit / trapper set is compatible with all Taginn paintball and airsoft grenades, as well as with the Taginn M18 smoke grenades.

ATTENTION - Please always observe all safety instructions when handling pyrotechnics when setting up the tripping hazards. The necessary protective equipment should also be worn at all times during assembly.

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