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As one of the largest providers of woodland & scenario paintball, we are of course also at the forefront in MagFed Sport. We not only offer you all markers from the big, well-known manufacturers, but also the entire accessory package such as magazines , attachments, visors and more. No other paintball shop in Germany offers so much choice in the MagFed area

MagFed Paintball - What is it?

MagFed Paintball refers to a new trend in paintball sports where only paintball markers loaded with magazines are played. Hoppers are not allowed in this game variant. The teams perform professionally and are tightly organised. When watching a MagFed paintball game, many spectators are probably more reminded of the training of a special unit than of the otherwise rather colorful paintball sport. Nevertheless, MagFed Paintball has already firmly integrated into the paintball scene and is growing every year by hundreds of followers who just like it a little more realistic than others. Many airsoft players are also interested in MagFed Sport, as this comes closest to the actual airsoft game.

When it comes to MagFed Sport, it's all about the right equipment!

MagFed uses significantly less paintballs, which saves money, you might think... But whoever calculates that way is wrong. Real MagFed players value the authenticity of their equipment. Not only are original pieces of equipment from the police, military and special units included in the game, but the players also make no compromises when choosing paintball markers and ammunition. The principle applies here that if you go into battle with little ammunition in the magazine, then the first shot has to be right. Good MagFed markers are usually in the price range of five hundred to one thousand euros. They are mostly based on real weapons in order to offer a gaming experience that is as realistic as possible. Incidentally, the same applies to the purchase of ammunition. If you want to play in MagFed Pantball, you usually use First Strike paintballs . These fly much faster than normal paintball balls, have twice the range and hit their target very precisely even at distances of up to 100 meters

I'm a beginner, how can I join Magfed Paintball?

Due to the strong increase in demand on the market, the Magfed Sport has not only established itself quickly, but some of the major manufacturers have also jumped on the bandwagon and started to produce cheaper MagFed equipment for newcomers. The latest stroke of genius is for example the TMC from Tippmann . As a beginner, you can get this MagFed marker for around 200 euros. There are also additional magazines, inexpensive paintball tactical vests and clothing in camouflage colors that are robust and yet affordable for newcomers.

Our conclusion, MagFed Paintball is definitely on the rise. The community of players and teams is growing and there is currently no end in sight. At Paintball Sports you will not only find the right MagFed paintball markers, but also the entire range of accessories, equipment and of course ammunition in the form of paintball balls and First Strike paintballs.