First Strike Roscoe Cal. 50 paintball revolver (black)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

First Strike Roscoe Cal. 50 paintball revolvers

The new Cal. 50 revolvers from First Stirke! The Roscoe almost 6 shots of FS ammunition in cal.50, which are powered by a 12g CO2 capsule located in the handle. The marker is delivered with 2 drums and a paintball valve with which you can shoot approx. 280fps. As an upgrade, there will be an "Export" or "Home Defense" valve with which speeds higher than this can also be achieved. The installation of this valve is prohibited in Germany and definitely not suitable for paintball games. Another upgrade will be a Constant Air Adapter with which you can connect the revolver to a Mamba.

The features of the First Strike Roscoe at a glance:

- Semi-Auto .50 caliber

- Micro-ground barrel

- High quality aluminum construction

- Picatinny Rails for attaching accessories

- 2 drum included

- Modular valve system for two different FPS ranges

- Powered by 12g CO2 capsules

- Trigger Blade Safety

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