Paintball mines offer you tactical advantages in the paintball game

As a tactical variant for scenario paintball players and magfed gamers, there are different types of paintball mine. Depending on the model, they spray paint, shoot paintball balls or create a cloud of smoke to mark the opponent and simulate a hit

If you want to expand your equipment with such a paintball land mine, Paintball Sports is the perfect partner, our large paintball mine shop offers the full selection of all current models and also lots of accessories such as refill packs for paintball mines, the right bags, etc.

Paintball Claymore Mine - The most popular model worldwide

Probably the most widespread version of the paintball mine is the so-called Claymore . They are available in different versions and designs. The special thing about the Claymore paintball mine is its easy handling and the great, effective effect. Claymore mines cover a large area, so some models from our range have a range of up to 35 square meters. Claymore mines can therefore be used almost anywhere. Be it to set an ambush, on open spaces, on paths, or inside buildings to secure doors and corridors.

Not without my Claymore! - The sniper's best friend...

Claymore mines are particularly popular with snipers. Many paintball snipers always carry 1-2 of these mines. This practice has proven itself in the paintball mine test, as the snipers usually lie in wait longer and wait for targets. The mines help watch their backs and secure stairways and important junctions in the terrain behind them. This way the player can be sure that no one will surprise him from behind.

What is the best way to fill paintball mines?

There are lots of tips and tricks for filling paintball mines on the internet and forums. Most people advise crushing old paintballs or dissolving them in water to get paint for your mine. However, we advise against it. On the one hand, it is always a huge mess, you bring interfering particles such as dirt and shell remains into the mine and it takes forever. The alternative is Venom Paint Mix , a powder that you simply mix with water to create a bright, poisonous green paint mix. 1 liter costs just a few euros and is made in a few seconds.

Advice before buying a paintball mine

If you want to buy paintball mines but are unsure about choosing the right model, you can of course rely on our experience and customer service . We have not only been advising private customers on the selection and handling of paintball mines for years, but also have various partners in the police and security sector who use our products successfully in practice.