Virtue CrownSF-R Speed Feed - Spire III/IV/IR/280/CTRL (Blue)

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Virtual CrownSF-R Speed Feed

The CrownSF-R features the same locking fast feed ring as the regular CrownSF, which fits so securely on the CTRL, Spire IR, IR², Spire III and Spire IV.

The main difference to the CrownSF-R, however, is that each finger is molded together from two materials and works without springs. The soft elastomeric hinge base allows for easy reloading of the SF-R, while a stiffer exoskeleton layer keeps each finger in place and prevents paint from splattering back out of the hopper.

The five tool-free detachable fingers allow for easy cleaning and replacement if necessary. A spare finger is included.


- Locking Lid - The CrownSF-R snaps securely onto the tray, keeping the lid locked in place during jerky movements.

- Co-Molded Dual Materials - Flexible plastic finger exoskeleton with ultra-soft, unmolded elastic band minimizes outward flexing and increases durability.

- Rubber Hinge - Springless design with recessed rubber hinges that quickly retract and flex back into place.

- Tool-free detachable finger - Each SF-R finger is held in place by an individual easy removal tab. Spare fingers included with every CrownSF-R.

- Tool-less Quick Change - Swap the lid for the CrownSF-R Speed Feed in seconds. Compatible with all CTRL loaders, Spire IR, Spire IR², Spire III and Spire IV loaders.

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