TechT KUSH Pro Bolt Upgrade for MINI, AX, SYX, and Dfender

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Product description

Techt is a manufacturer that stands for performance and reliability, this also applies to the new Pro Kush series.

As with all TechT Bolt upgrades, the new KUSH PRO design aims to reduce kick, reduce shot noise signature and increase air efficiency. Improving these traits means hitting the target from farther away, being harder to spot when shooting on the field, and staying in the game longer.

The KUSH Bolt includes three interchangeable soft-tip inserts. Each has unique characteristics and its own sound signature. help reduce rollback in the closure, which increases consistency and reduces barrel splitting due to misaligned paint. The soft tips ensure a gentle contact with the ball when the bolt is moved forward.

The leading edge of the KUSH Bolt features the patented Radial Ramp design that prevents the ball from jamming in the bolt. This design has been used on TechT's HUSH Bolts for over a decade.

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