Tasmanian Tiger / TT Warrior Belt MK IV M

Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_schwarz_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_schwarz_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_M Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_schwarz_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_schwarz_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv_front Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_coyote_braun Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_S_oliv_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Warrior_Belt_MK_IV_M
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt MK IV

Gear belt with detachable inner belt. The MOLLE system on the outside is divided into 3 x 3 sectors.


- Removable inner belt

- 3D mesh padding

- 50mm SR buckle

- stiffening

- Tapered front for comfortable wearing when seated

- Compatible with bags from other manufacturers

- MOLLE system divided into 3x3 sectors on the outside of the belt. Length of the MOLLE system in size S: 64 cm, M: 77 cm, L: 91 cm

- Adjustable in length: size S from min. 74 - max. 114 cm

29 - 45" / size M from min. 86 - max. 126 cm

34 - 49" / size L from min. 98 - max. 138 cm

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