Tasmanian Tiger / TT Chest Rig MKII M4

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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig MKII M4

Lightweight, universal harness with side pockets and protective plate insert. The Chest Rig has five magazine pouches with Velcro fasteners on the front (M4 size) and Molle on all important attachment points. The height-adjustable flap fasteners on the magazine pouches can be exchanged for quick-release fasteners.


- Adjustable padded straps

- Two side multi-purpose pockets (suitable for US 1 liter water bottle)

- Fold-out mount for protective plates (not included)

- Five magazine pouches M4 - M16 or STG on the front

- MOLLE system on all major attachment surfaces

- Magazine pockets with Velcro, side pockets with zip

- Shoulder straps adjustable from min. 75 cm to max. 100 cm

- Waist width adjustable from min. 82 cm to max. 149 cm (front and side panels 67 cm + length-adjustable waist belt)

- Dimensions: unisex

- Weight: 1.10kg

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