Tasmanian Tiger / TT Dump Pouch light

Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_ Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_black_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_black_mag Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_oliv Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_oliv_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_tan Tasmanian_Tiger_Dump_Pouch_light_tan_back
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Dump Pouch light

Low profile "depot bag" for empty magazines and other paraphernalia.´


- Small foldable

- Very flat design

- One-hand operation

- Fits two or three G36 magazines or four M4 or STG magazines

- MOLLE snap button system

- Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1 cm

- Weight: 60g

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