Tasmanian Tiger / TT Card Holder RFID B (olive)

Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Card_Holder_RFID_B_oliv Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Card_Holder_RFID_B_oliv_open Tasmanian_Tiger_TT_Card_Holder_RFID_B_oliv_velcro
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Tasmanian Tiger / TT Card Holder RFID B

Foldable sleeve for credit cards with RFID read protection. The Tasmanian Tiger Card Holder RFID B protects credit and bank cards from data theft because the built-in CRYPTALLOY® film blocks the radio waves of all commercial frequencies that are used to read data. The sleeve offers space for at least four credit card sized cards. It is folded and closed with an elastic band. Additional information: Tasmanian Tiger uses a CRYPTALLOY® film in all of its RFID block products. This offers maximum shielding in all relevant RFID frequency ranges (from 100 kHz to 4 GHz, i.e. low frequency range, high frequency range and ultra high frequency range). In addition, the protective film interferes with "radio traffic" by shifting the frequency. The functionality of the CRYPTALLOY® film has been tested and certified by TÜV Saarland. The manufacturer of the film, Kryptonics Technologies Munich, has now confirmed and certified Tatonka the prescribed processing of the film in all RFID block products.


- Highest level of RFID read protection with TÜV-certified RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY®

- Shielding of all frequencies and suitable for all cards

- Space for at least 4 cards

- Elastic band for closing

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