DELTA SIX M16 / M4 / AR-15 Molle magazine pouch (single) different colors

DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_ DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Digital_Desert DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Digital_Urban DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Digital_Greenland Tiberius_Arms_T15_Magazintasche_M16_single_schwarz_leer DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Digital_Woodland DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Black_Kryptec Tiberius_Arms_T15_Magazintasche_M16_single_desert_tan_leer DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_Highlander DELTA_SIX_M16_M4_AR_15_Molle_Magazintasche_Single_A_TACS_Forest_Green AR15_Magazintasche_einzeln_oliv Tiberius_Arms_T15_Magazintasche_M16_single_Multicamo_leer
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Product description

DELTA SIX Single Mag Pouch in the new XL version.

The XL version not only offers space for all common M-16, M4 and AR-15 magazine variants (e.g. FS T15, Tippmann TMC and RAP4 T68 magazines), but due to its extended fit it is also compatible with the magazines of many other marker models ( e.g. Milsig M17, RAP4 Helix, RAP4 DMags, Dye DAM and Maxtact) compatible.

This makes the new Delta Six XL Mag Pouches the first choice for all MagFed paintballers. The model offered here allows you to carry 1 magazine and is compatible with all common Molle vest systems.

DELTA SIX Single Mag Pouch - XL Version is compatible with the following magazines:

- Tiberius Arms / First Strike T15 Magazine

- RAP4 T68 magazines

- Tippman TMC Magazine

- Milsig Magazine

- RAP4 Helix Magazines


- DyeDAM Magazine

- Maxtact Magazine

Delivery quantity: 1 single mag pouch

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