Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier / TT Plate Carrier LC

TT_Plater_Carrier_LC_Schwarz Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC_coyote_side Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC__side Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC_molle Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC_coyote_back Tasmanian_Tiger_Plate_Carrier_LC_oliv_blackTT_Plater_Carrier_LC_OlivTT_Plater_Carrier_LC_Coyote
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LC

Lightweight plate carrier with MOLLE system in laser cut design. Due to the technology used, the wearer offers a smooth, tidy look. The size is designed for SAPI plates (30 x 25 cm).


- Length-adjustable, elastic side attachment

- Removable front panel for assembly

- Front and sides with MOLLE system for individual expansion

- Laser cut MOLLE system

- Integrated radio pocket

- Shoulder straps adjustable from min. 34 cm to max. 53 cm

- Weight: 850g

- Size Run: Unisex

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