SSC Super Soft Bolt for all Planet Eclipse EGO LV1 and LV2 paintball markers

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The Super Stanchy Customs brand, SSC for short, comes from the USA and produces high-quality tuning for paintball markers.

The Super Soft Tip series from SSC offers maximum gentle ball handling thanks to a specially developed soft tip and a very special air flow on the bolt. Both ensure that the marker is even gentler on the paint after installation.

Anyone who has problems with ball breaks in the marker or would like to shoot even more brittle tournament paint than before is well advised to use this upgrade bolt from SSC.

At the same time, the special design of the bolt prevents the soft tip from accidentally loosening during play, as is unfortunately often the case with other bolt models.

The bolt is made of very light and self-lubricating Delrin and thanks to its double O-rings it seals perfectly to distribute 100% of the air directly onto the ball. The entire bolt design is designed for maximum function and low maintenance.

This model is the SSC Super Soft Tip Bolt for Planet Eclipse EGO LV1 and LV2 markers of all series.

The bolt is suitable for the following paintball marker models:







Product details of the SSC LV Super Soft Tip Bolt:

- Fits all Planet Eclipse LV1 and LV2 paintball marker models

- Extra soft soft tip

- smoother ball acceleration

- Self-lubricating Delrin material

DANGER - The bolt pin and internals (spring and pin) must be removed from the original bolt of your Planet LV marker and installed into the bolt. These components are not included in the scope of delivery!

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