Exalt LIGHTNING Upgrade Triggers (LV2 / 160 & 170R / CS Markers, GEO)

Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_-_170R_CS_Markers_GEO Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_blau Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_gold Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_grau Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_rot Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_schwarz Exalt_LIGHTNING_Upgrade_Trigger_LV2_160_&_170R_CS_Markers_GEO_silber
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Product description

Exalt LIGHTNING Upgrade Triggers (LV2 / 160 & 170R / CS Markers, GEO)

The Exalt LIGHTNING Trigger is precision machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and engineered to add maximum comfort and speed to an already very comfortable marker. Equipped with adjustment parts that resist rust, corrosion and peeling, the trigger is designed for high performance. Ultra-lightweight design with skeletonized cuts to reduce weight and increase responsiveness. Rounded design and no hard edges for maximum comfort.

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