PowAir Performance Line Airsoft HPA Regulator with V1 HPA hose system (0-230 PSI)

PowAir_Performance_Line_HPA_Regulator_mit_schlauch_schwarz-jpg PowAir_Performance_Line_Airsoft_HPA_Regulator PowAir_V1_Airsoft_HPA_Schlauchsystem_mit_Schnellverschluss_einzeln.jpg
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Product description

The new PowAir Performance Line HPA system offers extremely high-quality components, constant working pressure and maximum freedom of movement during play.

It is suitable for all airsoft weapons with an HPA air connection. The Powair Performance Line HPA Regulator is infinitely adjustable from 0-230 PSI. The side adjustment screw can be secured with a cable tie (Tournament Lock) for tournament encounters.

The PowAir V1 HPA hose with quick coupling on both sides enables quick connection and disconnection to both the regulator and the weapon. With its length of around 100cm, it offers good freedom of movement in all game situations.

The system can be combined with all HPA regulators with up to 850 PSI. - So with any commercially available HP system from the paintball or airsoft sector.

Due to the infinitely adjustable low pressure regulator, the Powair Performance Line HPA Regulator can be combined with all airsoft weapon models available on the market, provided they are HPA compatible. The working pressure of the regulator can be read directly on the scale from 0-230 using the pressure gauge on the side.

If desired, the V1 HPA hose with quick coupling can be separated from both the airsoft weapon and the air system in one easy step. This makes maintenance much easier.

Product details of the PowAir Performance Line Airsoft HPA Regulator:

- Complete system with regulator and air hose

- Output pressure continuously adjustable from 0-230 PSI

- New Twister Flex hose system. Compact, but stretchable up to 250cm!

- Working/output pressure can be individually adjusted for each type of weapon

- Highest quality materials and top workmanship

- Inexpensive complete system (only one HP system is required)

- Possibility of tournament lock

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