PowAir HPA Fill Hose / filling hose for HPA systems (silver)

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Product description

The PowAir HPA Fill Hose is a filling hose for all common HP systems up to 300 bar.

The burst pressure/test pressure of this hose is an incredible 10,000 PSI (!) - This corresponds to about 650 bar. This makes it absolutely safe and durable.

With the PowAir HPA Fill pants, compressed air bottles carried on the back can be easily filled without outside help. The Fill Hose is attached to the filling nipple and acts as an extension of it. At the end of the Fill Hose there is a filling nipple. The player can simply pull this out of the front of his vest to fill it and fill the bottle on his back.

Anyone who has ever stood at a big game with the bottle on their back at the filling station knows the problem. - How do I get to my bottle with the filling hose without struggling to free myself from the vest or the pack? And this is where the filling hose comes into play. This is simply connected to the filling nipple of the HP bottle on one side and to the hose of the filling station on the other end.

Product details of the PowAir HPA Fill pants:

- Makes it easier to fill bottles lying on your back

- Moves the fill nipple to the front of the equipment

- Compatible with 200 bar / 3000 PSI and 300 bar / 4500 PSI filling stations and HP systems

- Best pressure (pressure before the hose would burst) 10,000 PSI / 650 bar

- Absolutely safe and durable

- Length of the PowAir HPA Fill pants approx. 60 cm

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