PHYLAX 0.28 g premium airsoft BIO tracer BBs / airsoft ammunition (1 kg / 3571 shots)

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Product description

The Premium Airsoft BIO Tracer BBs from the PHYLAX brand offer maximum quality for the highest demands. True to the motto of players for players, this manufacturer goes to the limits in order to be able to offer players top-class airsoft ammunition at a particularly good price.

PHYLAX Airsoft BBs work trouble-free in all airsoft gun models, whether spring pressure, AEG, S-AEG or GBB, that's what the manufacturer stands for with his name.

This version is the PHYLAX Airsoft BIO Tracer BBs in green with a bullet weight of 0.28g per bullet. The content of the bag is 3571 rounds. Each bag weighs about 1kg.

ATTENTION - When buying Airsoft BBs, the bullet weight should always be considered, as it must match the weapon and the purpose.

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