Paintball turf / artificial turf (used) for playing fields (square meter price)

Paintball_Turf_Rolle_Kunstrasen-1 Paintball_Turf_auf_SpielfeldernPaintball_Turf_mit_und_ohne_Padding Paintball_Turf_auf_Spielfeldern Paintball_Turf_mit_und_ohne_Padding
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Product description

Paintball artificial turf, so-called turf, is usually used as a substrate for Supair tournament pitches and in halls indoors.

In cooperation with various manufacturers and suppliers, we can offer you a large selection of new and used artificial grass / turf at fair prices and in a wide variety of materials and quality levels. On request, we will send you samples for quality control or as a decision-making aid before you buy.

The variant offered here is the cheapest basic version, without padding.

We will make you a complete offer including transport to your location.

Please tell us:

1. The number of square meters required

2. The desired quality of turf (new or used)

3. The type of turf (with or without padding, short or long, etc.)

ATTENTION - special order!

Paintball turf is only in very few cases not a common stock item and is therefore usually only ordered on request especially for you as a customer / field operator. The prices are based on the nature, quality and quantity of the product, are given by us in the subsequent offer in square meters and should be discussed with us in advance and agreed in writing.

The shipping costs are to be determined individually according to the quantity, weight and location of the buyer and please ask us before purchasing.

The article that can be viewed here is only preliminary product information, the article cannot be purchased in this way.

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