Ninja Air Quick Release clutch for remote systems

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Product description

New quick coupling for paintball remote systems. The connection between the ASA adapter and the hose is simply released at the push of a button and immediately closes itself on the inside. The pushing back and forth as you know it from the old slide check system is now a thing of the past.

This new system is significantly more robust, requires less maintenance and is more trouble-free than the old Slide Check system.

This coupling can be connected to any commercially available remote system. So you can retrofit any old remote system with Slide Check with this new clutch.

No more problems with shredded seals in the slide check and thus leaking and hissing remote systems!

Product info:

There are 2 identical versions of this item on the market, one from Guerrilla Air, the other from Ninja Air. Both are identical in terms of workmanship, appearance and price. Depending on availability and stock, we will ship one of the two models.

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