Milsig Zeta Mag 20 rounds magazine / First Strike Ready (black)

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Product description

The new Zeta Mags from Stark Pursuit, a new manufacturer from the USA, bring a breath of fresh air to the paintball gun market.

With this magazine, the Tippmann TPX now has a magazine capacity of up to 20 rounds and is therefore much more interesting for many players.

The Zeta magazine has 2 chambers with 10 shots each. When the first chamber is shot empty, the magazine is simply turned around and inserted into the marker the other way around, then the next 10 shots can be fired from the second chamber.

The magazines are spring-loaded. The spring can be locked for loading and only releases when you press the safety on the bottom of the magazine. This ensures that the paintballs in the magazine are not under spring tension for an unnecessarily long time during transport.

The Zeta Magazines are also First Strike Ready, i.e. they enable loading and firing of First Strike sniper paintballs for shots at very long distances. For this, however, the TPX must be converted with a corresponding First Strike Conversion Kit.

These are already 3rd generation Zeta Mags (latest version).

Suitable for the following paintball marker models:

- Milsig M17 PMC

- Milsig M17 SMG

- Tippmann TPX / TiPX

- Tippman TCR

- Various other models for which there are adapters

Scope of delivery:

1x TPX Zeta Mag 20 round magazine from Stark Pursuit (First Strike Ready)

1x Zeta Mag base plate (removable)

1x Zeta Mag Loading Rod for preloading the magazines

ATTENTION - Please note the information on loading the magazine! (See also video) The springs of the Zeta Mags are very sensitive. Incorrect loading will cause the springs to break. The magazines may only be preloaded with the loading bar. Panitballs inserted individually or pretensioned with other objects can lead to defects.

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