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Paintball Sports Markers Repairs & workshop service for Maxtact TGR2 paintball markers.

We are an officially certified Maxtact service and tech center!

We repair your Maxtact TGR2. Whether it's a small leak, a routine checkup at the start of the season or major repair and maintenance work, your TGR2 is in the best hands with our technician.

In our shop we have an extensive range of spare parts and a fully equipped paintball marker workshop. This means that even more complicated repairs are absolutely no problem. Our experienced technicians are familiar with all common paintball marker models and can help you quickly and reliably.


1. No repair possible without a signed order form. ( download form here )

2. No repair possible without prior payment of the order. (Payment options: prepayment, PayPal, direct transfer)

OUR TECH SERVICE AT A GLANCE - Pricing and scope of services

Flat-rate costs for error checking, cost estimate, repair 1st working hour, grease etc.

€59.95 per marker.

working time of the technician

We calculate additional working time every quarter hour at €15 for each additional 15 minutes.

Costs for spare and wearing parts

Small parts such as grease and one or two O-rings are already included in the flat rate of 59.95 euros. Additional spare parts such as a solenoid or, if desired, a completely new O-ring kit will be billed separately.

All spare parts are charged at the normal retail price. If additional spare parts are required, our technician will contact you to discuss this. No chargeable components will be installed without consultation.

Cleaning costs for dirty markers

Please clean your marker before sending it to us. We offer a REPAIR SERVICE , not a CLEANING SERVICE . We expect the markers to be sent to us in the same way you would like them returned. The outside of the marker should be free of paint residue, shell residue and other dirt from the playing field. The inside should also always be cleaned when the ball bursts, this also solves a large number of possible problems that can be the reason why your marker is no longer working properly. The cleaning is your business, the repair is ours. If your marker is dirty when you send it to us, our technician will have to clean it before repairing it, for which we charge an additional hour of work (59.95 euros). So please save yourself money and us work by treating your marker with care and always cleaning it properly after playing. The repair is then also faster.


The shipping costs are always to be borne by the customer. (return shipping). We do not cover any shipping costs for repair services. Please also note that non-free packages are generally not accepted.


duration of the repair

We will process your marker as soon as possible. However, there may be other markers with us for maintenance. We always process tech orders in chronological order and try to take no more than approx. 5 - 10 working days for the repair. Depending on the model and the difficulty of the repair, this period may vary. The technician will contact you after receiving your marker. This is done by phone or email. Please fill out the tech form completely.


Procedure for repairing your paintball marker

  1. To have your paintball marker repaired by us, please go to the Techservice area in the shop and select the appropriate service (marker repair / service check) for your marker model as an item. You can easily buy the desired service via the shop like a normal item and pay for it directly. The price includes the error analysis, the preparation of the cost estimate for the repair of your marker and a full hour of work by our technician. You can choose directly in the article whether you want to pick up the marker from our shop after the repair (free of charge) or we should send it to your home (6.90 euros DHL shipping).

  2. NO PROCESSING POSSIBLE WITHOUT ORDER FORM - Please fill out the repair/service form below and enclose it with the marker you send us for repair. All the important information we need for a quick repair is recorded there. Please understand that we can only accept and process orders with a fully completed and signed form. If the form is not filled out accordingly and our technician is missing important information as a result, there may be delays.

  3. After receiving your marker, our technician will immediately start testing and error analysis. He will then get in touch with you and tell you where the problem lies, how long a repair will take and how expensive the repair, including all parts, working hours, etc., will be in total. At this point, please understand that we can never say with 100% certainty in advance how expensive a repair will be, it may be that one error is successfully corrected and another appears, so the information is a rough guideline. However, if the repair costs increase significantly during the work for any reason, our technician will of course contact you again to clarify this.

  4. After talking to our technician, you decide whether the repairs should be carried out or not. The price of the cost estimate will be offset against the final price when the order is placed. If the repair can be carried out within the framework of the flat rate (59.95 euros), our technician will start his work without consultation and repair your marker immediately.

More information about our repair service

  1. The payment methods available to you for marker repairs are payment in advance, Paypal and instant transfer. - The service fee (EUR 59.95) must be paid immediately after purchasing the Techservice. The marker will not be processed further without receipt of payment.

  2. We give a 2-week guarantee on our repair work for every repair that we carry out.

  3. The cost of shipping the items to be repaired to and from the site must be borne by the customer in any case.

  4. If additional costs are incurred during the repair, these must be paid in full before the marker is returned.

You can also read all the information about our tech service in detail on this page: PAINTBALL SPORTS TECH SERVICE INFORMATION.


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