Carmatech SAR-12 Paintball Sniper Rifle with Metal Handguard (Gen. 4)

Carmatech_SAR12_Supreme_Paintball_Scharfschuetzengewehr_mit_Metall_Shroud-jpg Carmatech_SAR12_Supreme_Paintball_Scharfschuetzengewehr_mit_Metall_Shroud_rueckseite.jpg Carmatech_SAR12_Markierer_mit_All_Metal_Frontshroud_seite.jpg Carmatech_SAR12_Markierer_mit_All_Metal_Frontshroud_schwarz.jpg Carmatech_SAR12_Details_Paintball_Scharfschuetzengewehr_Details1 Carmatech_SAR12_Griffstueck_Update_2022 Carmatech_SAR12_Griffstueck_Update_2022_seite Carmatech_SAR-12_SAR-X_Magazin_smoke_21_schuss Carmatech_SAR-12_SAR-X_Magazin_smoke_21_schuss_gefuellt Carmatech_SAR-X_Magazin_smoke_21_schuss Carmatech_SAR12_Sniper_Rifle_Rucksack
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Product description

This high-quality version of the Carmtech SAR-12 sniper rifle is delivered with a closed, 33cm long full metal front shroud / handguard, a silencer for Nemesis barrels and lots of accessories and differs significantly from the BASIC version in terms of features! In addition to the SAR12 and the attachments mentioned, the scope of delivery also includes the sought-after Supremacy Scope. This alone is worth the extra cost.

The 4th generation is characterized by a few significant changes. Every 4th generation SAR-12 has the new, significantly steeper rubber grip. This new handle is intended to ensure better handling of the marker and is equally comfortable when used lying or standing.

In addition, the Gen. 4 SAR-12 rifles feature the new 21-round BlackJack TrueFeed magazines as standard. This means you can now fire a total of 21 shots in a row. - The old magazines only had 2x 6 rounds in the chambers.

The new SAR-12 has also changed a bit visually. The characteristic front shroud is no longer included. For this purpose, the marker has the AR-15 Handguard Adapter installed as standard. This was probably done at the request of US players, as many wanted to customize their SAR-12 with original AR-15 Shrouds and other upgrade parts. Since these components are unfortunately somewhat more difficult to obtain here in the country, European customers will have to dig into their bag of tricks when it comes to appearance.

The Carmatech SAR-12 Gen. 4 (latest model) is a paintball sniper rifle that was developed specifically to meet the needs of scenario paintball players who, on the one hand, like it very realistically and, on the other hand, like to shoot at long distances with first strike paintballs.

The SAR-12 currently offers probably the best basis available for snipers in paintball sports. The single-loader bolt principle is manually reloaded by hand, like a real sniper rifle. To do this, the bolt must be guided back by hand using the tensioning lever on the side of the marker and then forward again until it audibly clicks into place. Only then is the marker ready to fire.

Thanks to this bolt design, the bolt chamber is completely closed before the shot and the bolt does not have to move towards the ball to shoot. It is therefore also referred to as a shot from a stationary projectile position. This makes the SAR-12 extremely precise. Players on the field report shots/hits at distances of over 100 meters!

Furthermore, the SAR-12 works with a working pressure of just 550 PSI, which makes it even gentler on paint and also significantly quieter. Anyone who plays abroad at a firing speed of 300 FPS and shoots at targets at a distance of more than 50 meters can usually remain completely undetected because the opponent can no longer even hear the shot of a SAR-12 from this distance.

The Generation 4 markers of the Carmatech SAR-12 model series are delivered as standard with the new BlackJack magazines. These now hold a whopping 21 shots that can be fired one after the other without any gaps. The previous models (up to Gen. 3 model series) had 12-round magazines with 2 separate chambers. After 6 shots, the shooter had to remove the magazine and turn it in order to continue shooting. This means that the new BlackJack magazines offer 75% more capacity and can be fired in one go. This means that the Carmatech SAR-12 currently has the most powerful magazines of all MagFed paintball markers.

From now on (from 09/2022) the Carmatech SAR-12 will be delivered in the original Carmatech Sniper backpack. (see accessories pictures). The backpack offers space for the marker when disassembled and plenty of accessories.

Scope of delivery of the SAR-12 SUPREME:

- SAR-12 paintball sniper marker (Gen. IV, latest model)

- 33cm full metal shroud including sleeves for barrel guidance

- Silencer for Hammerhead / Lapco / Nemesis barrels

- Bolt-Action System (bolt repeating function)

- 1x Carmatech Supremacy Scope special visor

- 2x Carmatech SAR-12 BlackJAck magazine (21 round capacity each)

- 1x Carmatech SAR-12 bipod

- Rifled 18" Carmatech NEMESIS barrel with Muzzlebrake (custom made)

- Ultralight ABS housing

- 0.2 liter HP system with LP Reg (200 bar, 550 PSI out)

- Carmatech backpack for transport (delivery will be in a backpack again from 09/2022. NO hardcase!)

- Cocker barrel thread

- New handle from 09/2022 (see detailed pictures)

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