Carmatech SAR-X Bullpup MagFed Paintball Marker Assault Rifle (black)

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CURRENTLY IN APPROVAL - Delivery will start in summer 2024

The brand new Carmatech SAR-X is the first paintball assault rifle from Carmatech. Until now, this US premium manufacturer was particularly known for its SAR-12 sniper rifle and the patented Nemesis precision barrels. With the new SAR-X marker, Carmatech now wants to break into the market for handy and compact assault rifles and present itself to a wider range of players.

The SAR-X is a compact bullpup assault rifle with the proven and very precise semi-auto bolt system of the SAR-12. The special thing about the so-called bullpup weapons is their special design. The magazine is located behind the grip or the trigger and the bolt mechanism is also located as far back as possible in the marker. This enables the use of long barrels for high precision in a marker housing that is as short and compact as possible.

Visually, the SAR-X is certainly impressive. With its total length of around 60cm, it is one of the most compact MagFed paintball markers on the market out of the box. Thanks to the integrated technology, the SAR-12 bolt and the 10/13" Nemesis precision barrel with grooves and lands, it is just as precise as a high-performance rifle.

The SAR-X uses the same 21-round True Feed magazines as the SAR-12 and can be used with both Cal. 68 roundballs and First Strike paintballs. The magazines supplied are of course the latest version (from summer 2022)

In order to further improve the handling of the marker and make it as compact as possible, Carmatech has also broken new ground with the air system and has simply placed it at the front of the marker housing, below the barrel. Any standard 200 bar and 300 bar HP system with an outer diameter of up to 50mm fits into the weapon.

On the body there is an approx. 15cm long 20mm Weaver rail for mounting aiming devices.

Scope of delivery of the SAR-X Bullpup Assault Rifle:

- SAR-X Bullpup Assault Rifle Paintball Marker (Cal. 68)

- Semi-automatic / semi-automatic bolt system

- 2x SAR-12 / SAR-X magazine (21 rounds capacity each) of the latest generation (from 2022)

- 10/13" Carmatech NEMESIS barrel with grooves and fields and muzzle brake

- Ultra-light and stable ABS housing

- Cocker barrel thread

- Delivered in a printed box

- Based on the proven bolt system of the SAR-12 (Semi-Auto Bolt Kit)

Compatible with all commercially available 200 bar and 300 bar MagFed HP systems (outer diameter up to 50mm). - Not included in delivery.

Delivery does not include accessories or attachments such as visor etc.

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