JT FX Harness 4+7 Battlepack (White)

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Product description

JT Spectra Proflex Paintball Thermal Mask

Proflex safety glasses are designed for professionals and are undoubtedly "the most comfortable safety eyewear system in the world." Based on a timeless design, the Proflex goggles offer superior face protection thanks to the unique insert molding technology, which provides the player with a rigid upper part for maximum eye protection and a soft, flexible lower part that adapts to the player and moves easily .

Unrivaled soft ear pads and a removable peak are also standard on all Proflex models.


- 260° field of view

- Dual Pane/Thermal Spectra Lens System

- The Spectra Goggle and world-famous soft hearing protection with improved durability

- Performance, comfort and versatility

- The world's most upgradeable modular mask system

- Includes umbrella

Incl. Clear and Smoke mask glass

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